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Intern in the spotlights

Sophie Knowler-Davies, an intern at Welsh Water, has been appointed to follow-up the tertiary filter plant at Llandewi Brefi, in Wales. This plant has been supplied by Brightwork from its rental fleet, earlier this year to consistently meet the consent levels for effluent discharge at this tiny site in the middle of Wales.

Can you tell us more about yourself?

“I am from a small seaside town in Wales, finished University in June 2020 and achieved a first class Bachelor of Science degree in zoology. Through my time at university I developed a passion for helping to improve the environment which led to my application for this internship. I wanted to be involved in keeping our watercourses clean here in Wales.’’

How did you end up at Welsh Water?

‘’I planned on taking on a project whilst doing my internship and when I heard of the new sand filter and the new Sand-Cycle technology at Llanddewi Brefi sewage treatment works I thought it would be perfect to learn more about it. Welsh Water gave me the opportunity to spend my time optimizing the operations of the new sand filter and getting acquainted with the new remote monitoring tool Sand-Cycle, developed by Brightwork.”

What do you want to achieve with this research?

‘’The aim is to optimise the operations of the sand filter at Llanddewi Brefi to ensure the effluent is of a good quality, meeting the consents. I am helping to do this by manually collecting water quality data such as iron and phosphate. Furthermore I am collecting all relevant operational filter data to ensure it is working efficiently. Weekly a MS Teams meeting is organized by Brightwork to go through the data and discuss the results and the program ahead. This allows me to learn a lot from both my local supervisor and the Brightwork team. I really enjoy the international collaboration. “

What are your future wishes in your career?

‘’This internship is a very nice experience, which also makes me think about my future. I am thrilled to  play a role in optimising a waste water treatment plant, to take part in new technologies and collaborate with international experts. I am looking forward to having a future career within the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering en Mathematics) industry’’.