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Brightwork B.V. and measures coronavirus (COVID-19)

The coronavirus affects us all, and it also affects Brightwork the consequences are noticeable. It goes without saying that Brightwork the guidelines of the RIVM and the national government. In addition, the handling of the coronavirus is part of our own VGM  management system. However, this does not mean that we sit still and can do nothing for you.  

Our office work is largely organised from home and consultations are conducted via online platforms. As a client, you will notice very little of this.  

Working with waste water (sewage) in relation to the coronavirus requires extra attention. The strict observance of hygiene and control measures in accordance with the latest technology is therefore carefully done and monitored by our employees. Our employees are also protected. Where possible, contamination is prevented at the source. Among other things, our monitoring tool helps Sand-Cycle for continuous sand filters in doing so. This allows users to gain insight into the filter performance without coming into contact with wastewater.     

The risks during company visits for inspections or trouble shooting are inventoried per situation. In these turbulent times it requires adaptability. Looking at the possibilities and working together to find a solution. Our slogan "creative thinking - water proof" fits perfectly with this. Through creative solutions we are still able to serve our customers. Be it differently than you are used to, but still with the same quality and expertise.  

Through our own detailed HSE procedures, including (task) risk analysis and HSE management plans, the risks and safety measures concerning the coronavirus are addressed with the greatest possible care. We go for water proof! 

Curious about what we can do for you?  

Feel free to contact our sales department or our safety expert .  

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