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As a matter of urgency…

Do you know this feeling, when you are faced with a problem in your water or waste water treatment plant which cannot wait to be solved, as it is directly impacting your businesses? The stress, once you are being told any remedies might take weeks, even months?

We have come across these emergency situations and were lucky to offer our clients temporary solutions. For this we are using our rental fleet, which is composed of numerous water treatment plants of various capacities. It will normally fit any request for immediate treatment capacity.

As we know this is important for our clients and requests for temporary plants is growing rapidly, we have recently extended our rental fleet. This allows us to promise our clients a rapid mobilization and hence we are able to solve any water related issues, which requires immediate action. Currently our temporary equipment is running smoothly in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom and Ireland. rental fleet further expanded. Currently, our temporary equipment is operational in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, the United Kingdom and Ireland.

A side effect of owning a vast fleet of treatment plants is the possibility to use our equipment to test new applications both for ourselves and in close collaboration with our partners and clients. This allows us to continuously work on product and technology development. We are executing practical research to stretch applications and operating windows.

If you wonder what we may offer you in this respect, please contact us or have a look at our website, showing some of our temporary treatment plants . ..

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