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System-oriented contract management for implementation projects

Brightwork performs contract management for various clients in the broadest sense of the word. Here are some examples of projects we have helped to shape.

For Waterboard Brabantse Delta Brightwork has, in a co-production with LievenseCSO, set up all contract related products for the realization of the renovation of the waterline, intermediate sedimentation tanks and 2e The project is part of the Nieuwveer WWTP and the 10 year maintenance of the installations. After the successful call for tenders and the selection of the executing party, the combination Brightwork / LievenseCSO supervises the project on the basis of system-oriented contract management.

For Hoogheemraadschap de Stichtse Rijnlanden Brightwork has drafted the technical contract related documents for the tender of the long term sludge treatment of RWZI Utrecht and some surrounding RWZI's. After a successful tender process a long term contract was signed with the winning party based on the drafted contract documents.

In various BVP tenders Brightwork has been involved in different consortia to contribute to the process part of the tender, to draft the quality documents and/or to provide a key person in the project.

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