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Optimisation of wastewater treatment and water reuse

Master plan location Venray - Rixona BV

Master plan location Venray

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Brightwork has drawn up a master plan for dealing with water in a socially and economically responsible manner at the Venray site. The plan has led to concrete recommendations for optimization. An important outcome is that a combination of the use of an anaerobic partial flow and the realisation of a downstream purification system makes it possible to discharge to surface water and leads to a net cash value that is in the order of 25-30% more favourable than the basic situation.

One of the concrete results is the realisation of a tertiary filtration at the Venray location for the extensive removal of nitrogen and phosphate. In consultation with the water board it became possible to discharge the effluent into the Oostrumse beek, instead of into the sewer system. In this way the discharge contributes to combating the local dehydration problem and relatively clean water is disconnected from the sewage treatment plant in Venray. The tertiary filtration system was put into operation in October 2012.

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