Project: “Innovatieve waterzuivering voor het verwijderen van medicijnresten en pesticiden uit afvalwater”

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Much wastewater is contaminated with micropollutants such as medicine residues and pesticides. These substances eventually end up in wastewater treatment plants (RWZI's), where they are only partially removed during the treatment process. As a result, these micropollutants increasingly enter our environment and drinking water via the surface water, which is ecologically undesirable. For this reason, [...]

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Nomination with Sand-CycleWe are proud of our nomination for the Aquatech Innovation Award. With Sand-Cycle we compete in the category Process Control technology & Process automation. Sand-Cycle Sand-Cycle uses RFID technology to monitor purification processes. In 1.5 years' time, we already have more than 60 installations operational. The feedback is extremely positive. Find usOn [...]

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