Ecoblue filter

Compact and modular

In recent years, there has been a growing demand worldwide for compact and modular (waste)water treatment solutions.

The EcoBlue filter is the answer to this need, since it is entirely comprised of prefab components which can be quickly assembled into a working system on site.

The technology iis based on the well-known continuous sand filtration principle. By combining multiple filter cells into one unit, it is possible to treat (waste)water with high capacities of up to 500 m3/h per filter module.

Moreover, the EcoBlue filter is compatible with the Sand-Cycle remote monitoring & control tool. Implenting Sand-Cycle enables remote realtime monitoring and control of the EcoBlue filter and thus reducing operational costs.

Advantages & applications

– Optimal filtration performance;
– Sustainable, modular en reusable;
– Cost-effective;
– Small carbon footprint;
– Limited construction time;
– Remote monitoring & control.

Examples of applications

– Surface water treatment;
– Groundwater purifcation;
– Reuse of waste water;
– Removal of nutrients and micropolluants,