Effluent Reuse Theme Park Efteling – Paper


Effluent Reuse Theme Park Efteling

The popular theme park Efteling in the south of the Netherlands launched a drought prevention program. In order to reduce the total volume of ground water abstraction to feed the numerous water ponds in the park. Groundwater levels tended to drop as a result of the abstraction. Therefore effluent from waste water treatment plant Kaatsheuvel is used for replenishing water in the ponds. With particular focus to remove phosphorus to levels below 0.10 mg/l total phosphorus to prevent any eutrophication and algae blooming in the ponds.

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How we manage to consistently meet very low total phosphorus levels with continuous tertiary sand filtration.

How the Sand-Cycle monitoring tool continuously contributes to run the plant without any anomalies.

Which results are obtained year-on-year for various parameters, including total phosphorus, suspended solids, BOD, nitrogen.