Sand-Cycle: remote monitoring and control tool

A reliable way for monitoring and controlling continuous sand filters

Sand-Cycle has been developed as a powerful tool to improve performance of any type of continuous sand filters, to reduce operational costs ánd to make life easier in the day-to-day operations. Sand-Cycle uses RFID tags, which are added to the sand filter bed, acting as a proxy for the sand movement in the filter.
All field data is processed and calculated into useful parameters that power the Sand-Cycle dashboard. In this way, an operator receives real time insight in all relevant operational parameters.
After the prototype was successfully tested in 2017 at the full scale waste water treatment plant of Franeker in the Netherlands, Sand-Cycle was immediately recognized for its simplicity and added value. It was awarded the Water Industry Achievement Award in the United Kingdom.

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– The filter performance is enhanced, the operating window may be widened;

– Remote monitoring highly reduces manpower requirements ;

– Predictive maintenance of wear and tear parts;

– Lower operational expenditures: savings in energy costs, longer lifetime of spare parts;

– Risk of wash out of sand is considerably reduced;

– Downtime is reduced, less redundancy requirements.

One operator commented: “Installing SandCycle showed to be the best way to get the most out of my continuous sand filters. Clear dashboards show extremely effective to optimize filter operations. Direct savings are now at hand”.

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RFID-technology for realtime monitoring and control


Sand cycle dashboard