Brightwork rapidly provides continuous sand filter in Wales

Continuous sand filter

Brightwork rapidly provides-continuous sand filter in wales

“Speed is of the essence”, with that motto in mind, BW Products rapidly provides a continuous sand filter in Wales. Within a few weeks this filter installation will be in operation by Welsh Water. In this way, an urgent discharge problem at one of her sewage water treatment plants can be solved completely.

Answer to client requests

“More and more often we get questions from our clients to solve an urgent problems. We then come in to action as soon as possible to adjust existing installations, but also to to supply complete (waste)water treatment installations in a very short timeframe, as in this case”, says Matthias Bosma, Marketing & Sales Engineer bij BW Products.

In recent years, BW Products has invested in expanding her rental fleet of temporary (waste)water treatment installations. By deploying one of the continuous sand filters that is part of the rental fleet, necessary support can be offered immediately.

Continuous sand filter installation with Sand-Cycle

Even before the end of this year, the continuous sand filter installation will be in place and operational at a small sewage water treatment plant in Wales. In this way, the effluent of this plant will be treated additionally so that it meets the strict discharge consent requirements. The performance of the continuous sand filter will be closely followed by using Sand-Cycle remote monitoring, which is based on RFID technology. RFID tags ared added to the sand filter bed and follow the filter sand’s behaviour.

After registering the tags, the Sand-Cycle tool provides an online dashboard that gives insight in the real-time filter process, depicting for example current sand circulations speeds in an easy to understand graph. Using this tool makes it possible for the operator to see anomalies earlier and act on these accordingly.

Supply & Support

“With this “Supply & Support” we anticipate on a clear need in the market”, says Bosma. “Our clients appreciate our sense of purpose and creativity. Moreover, with our directly available installations we can put our money where our mouth is. Also, for temporay solutions we provide customized treatment solutions”.

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