Successful refurbishment water utility’s assets in Wales

Sand cycle monitoring

Successfully refurbishment water utility’s assets in Wales

Brightwork Products successfully completed the refurbishment of the tertiary filter plant at the Whitchurch sewage treatment works in Wales, UK. The filter plant, with a capacity of 7,000 m3 per day, operated by Welsh Water, has been equipped with new internals and is consistently monitored using the Sand-Cycle remote dashboards. After commissioning early September this year, the filter plant has been operated continuously 24/7 for over three months, achieving excellent filtration results. “We are finally using these assets to its full capabilities, after we almost lost confidence in the technology”, one of the client’s commissioning engineers mentioned. Even in COVID19 restricted times the site work has been completed within budget, in time and in close collaboration with Nijhuis UK for Welsh Water. Further work is scheduled, as more filter plants may be revived to improve filtration performance and to meet more stringent criteria in the near future.