The Revival of Tertiary Continuous Filters – Whitepaper


The Revival of Tertiary Continuous Filters

Tightening effluent consents due to river water quality drivers require further investment for improved removal of nitrogen and phosphorus from Wastewater Treatment Plants. As a result, tertiary treatment processes have become increasingly important. This has led to a need to gain a better understanding of the process and mechanics of tertiary removal systems in order to remain both compliant now, and for the future lowering of effluent discharge limits.

In this paper we’ll provide you with a better understanding of the relationship between sand circulation and filtration efficiencies, and how efforts have been made successfully to upgrade and refurbish existing tertiary continuous sand filters using the novel Sand-Cycle technology.

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This paper covers:

Phosphorus removal in existing treatment plants.

Monitoring and control of continuous sand filters.

How to boost filtration performance.