Aqua Assist Microbial Biology Boost

Aqua Assist Microbial Biology Boost

Natural products to enhance waste water treatment performance. Easy to dose in both the water line and in anaerobic digesters. As a result sludge volumes are reduced, net biological performances are increased. While never compromising the effluent quality.

Aqua Assist Microbial Biology Boost

No investments

Granular material, inoculated with carefully selected micro organisms is used. Regular dosing may be simply executed manually. No investments are required to try and use the material within your waste water treatment plant. Or your digester.  It is an add-on which can be used in new and existing plants.

Easy to apply

Easy to use by simple regular dosing into the activated sludge plant in a waste water treatment plant. Or into the digester by mixing the material with the sludge recycling flow.

The material is composed of granular 200 – 600 micron dry-to-touch particles. Inoculated with non-genetically modified, biosafety Level Class 1 microbes.

Improved performance

The use of the microbial biology boost leads to a 15 – 35% reduction of sludge yield. While maintaining a good sludge volume index and excellent effluent quality in your waste water treatment plant. It allows you to increase organic dry solids concentrations in the activated sludge basin without upsetting the plant performance. 

What is Aqua Assist

Aqua Assist is a dry-to-the-touch product formulated with engineered inorganic and porous particles seeded with mixed microbial cultures. Aqua Assist boosts the processing power of the wastewater treatment plant by accelerating the natural breakdown of biosolids.

Regular dosing of the material into the waste water will act as a bio-booster. The microbial material may grow rapidly within the safe environment of the granules, before being released. This exponential growth of selected microbial material using the organic matter in the waste water creates the acceleration of biological conversion.

How it works

For microbes to survive in a competitive environment within an activated sludge plant for wastewater treatment and to contribute to the effective treatment, three main conditions must be created.

First, access to food needs to be facilitated – microbes obtain food from organic matter. A high surface area for adsorption promotes access to food. Secondly, microbes must be protected from predation by other organisms and/or toxins. Finally, the environment needs to enable microbes to be retained for extended periods of time in the treatment system. By dosing Aqua Assist particles, all three criteria are met by creating a favorable environment of carefully selected bacteria. The solution relies upon the regular dosing of an engineered microporous silica oxide based dry-to-the-touch granular matrix with particle sizes in the range of 200 – 600 micron, specific density of 590 kg/m3, inoculated with a specific proprietary microbial population.


Sludge digesters

In sludge digesters the bio-booster accelerates the conversion of organic material. This leads to higher biogas production. 

The regular dosing simply enhances the breakdown of waste activated sludge in the hydrolysis step of the anaerobic digestion process. Simulations upfront will calculate the dosing rate to be applied and the potential results anticipated.

Waste water treatment

In waste water treatment plants Aqua Assist is field-proven to reduce biosolids, sludge handling costs, including haulage, dewatering and sludge end treatment. 

The application is inherently scalable to wastewater resource reclamation facilities of any size and any design. The product can be easily applied at any facility into the aeration basin.

Would you like some further reading?

Please feel free to download this whitepaper. It is about evaluation of the impact of dosing Drylet’s AquaAssist into Dutch activated sludge plant after a longterm testing period.