Disc and Drum Filtration

Disc and drum filtration

Disc and drum filters are suitable to remove solids in both surface water and waste water applications. The applied mesh widths of the discs may be choosen such that the right removal efficiencies are achieved. The low head loss requirements of the technology makes it easy to implement in an existing treatment plant.

Disc Filtration

Easy to operate

Fully automated operations. The filter cloth is made of polyester and is easy to clean.

Stable and continuous operation due to the fully automated cleaning of the screen, using spray nozzles. Filter panel with integrated fastening device for quick and easy installation/replacement.

Compact design

Reduced footprint due to a modular and compact design. Both stand-alone units and integrated concrete tank solutions for large capacities are offered.

A low head loss enables a nice fit into the hydraulic line of the treatment works, without the need of feed pumping.

Process efficiency

Highly efficient removal of suspended solids, organic matter and/or phosphorus. Various mesh widths are applicable: from 10 microns to several hundreds of microns. 

High and stable effluent qualities lead to options for water reuse.

How it works

The disc filter is an automated self cleaning microscreen, designed for removal of suspended solids. Water to be filtered is guided into the drum and flows by gravity into the filter discs through openings in the disc drum, and passes through the filter media. Suspended solids are separated and accumulated on the inside of the filter cloth. When the water level inside the filter rotor increases to a pre-set point, the filter rotor starts rotating and the backwash of the filter media starts. The high-pressure backwash spray removes the accumulated suspended solids into the reject flume inside the filter. The suspended solids are then discharged via the reject pipe. 

Proven technology

The disc filter has been proven in multiple applications in the last couple of decades. Both in water and waste water the technology has proven to be reliable and effective. 

The system is lubrication free and equipped with a corrosion free chain drive. Built in emergency overflow weirs at the inlet side are protecting the system from overloading. 

Backwashing is controlled to maximize backwash efficiency and minimized energy consumption. 


Tertiary waste water treatment

Focus upon removal of residues of suspended solids, BOD, powdered activated carbon and/or phosphorus in waste water treatment plants.

Filtration for water reuse of water, cooling water applications, agriculture, steel manufacturing plants.

Surface water treatment

Treatment of river and lake water to remove turbidity, organic matter (algae species) and colour. 

Pre-treatment for advanced processes (GAC, IE, ozone, UV) and R/O, N/F.

As pre-filter in combination with Sand filter for production of potable water.

Fish farming

In fish farming disc filtration is a reliable, compact and simple process to retain suspended solids as part of the recycling process. To maintain good water quality for reuse and to avoid high excess flows to be discharged.

Phosphorus removal

Both in surface water and waste water applications the removal of phosphorus, both particular and soluble, is effectively executed by coagulation, flocculation and disc & drum filtration. To consistently meet very low phosphorus levels.