Brightwork participates with Sand-Cycle in Export Carrousel XII

Brightwork participates with Sand-Cycle in Export Carrousel XII

Brightworkhas the ambition to introduce her Sand-Cycle technology worldwide. Therefore, BW Products enlarged her network within Europe earlier this year by starting a collaboration with Nordic Water. To explore the possibilities outside Europe, the company is now going to exploit the expertise of the project Export Carrousel.

Export Carrousel XII

Brightwork participates with Sand-Cycle in the Export Carrousel XII. As a result, Brightwork will work together with a group of international students of NHL Stenden University. In the coming six months they will explore the market in Southeast Asia for Sand-Cycle. In this part of the world a lot of continuous sand filters have been realized. Therefore, the potential market for Sand-Cycle is enormous. Moreover, all those filters can improve their performance by installing Sand-Cycle as monitoring and control tool. Consequently a significant decrease in operational costs is feasible. In addition, Sand-Cycle is suitable for all types of continuous sand filters.


During the first week of the new university year 2019-2010, the kick-off of the 12th edition of the Export Carrousel took place in the Kanselarij in the city of Leeuwarden. The goal was to introduce the companies and their products to the students and vice versa. For this purpose, the organization prepared presentations and round the table conversations.

Representing Brightwork, CEO Hans Wouters explained more about Sand-Cycle and the related export question BW Products has to the students. The group of students will use several methods to research the potential market in Southeast Asia. For example, they will be executing a broad sector scan. In the end, the expected results will be an easy to read export plan. In order to achieve this end product, the students are assisted by their mentors of NHL Stenden University, external advisors and employees of Brightwork.

The project Export Carrousel forms the specialization minor International Business. The student are following this minor at NHL Stenden University. The Province of Friesland supports and made this project possible.

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