Drylet and Brightwork introduce new “bio-booster” to the Dutch market

Visualization of the characteristics of an Aqua Assist particle (200 – 500 microns)

New bio booster

Drylet and Brightwork introduce new "bio-booster" to the Dutch market

At the Holland Pavilion during the IFAT two years ago laid the foundation for a successful exclusive collaboration between American technology supplier Drylet and consultant Brightwork from Sneek.

Drylet's Aqua Assist technology, where substrate enriched with microbial material is introduced into bioreactors, leads to a reduction in sludge production, better sludge characteristics and - when used in sludge fermentation - to a higher biogas yield.

In 2019, the technology was tested in an endurance test at Halsteren WWTP in close collaboration with the Brabant Delta Water Board. Brightwork recently reported the results: a significant reduction in waste sludge production and a very stable biological process. It was reason for the water board to continue with the technology.

Brightwork focuses on consultancy and services in the water sector. Drylet’s technology is a good example of cross-border cooperation, which can lead to new insights and new possibilities.

For more information, contact Farah Al-Massri BSc, info@brightwork.nl